Welcome 💘

I am glad that you want to know about me 🥰. I'm `Shahriyar`. Full-stack web developer, Student of Computer Software Engineering, Tech enthusiast and much more.


In my childhood, I wanted to be a pilot. Because I used to see a lot of science fiction movies and seeing those I thought I can also fly if I become a pilot

Later, when I was 11 years old. I suddenly started loving Math and Science. I was soo good at match and science that all my friends started calling me scientist

And they kept calling me that till my High school ended. It was a very long time. At that time as a Bangladeshi citizen getting access to technology was too hard. Like I had my first smartphone when I was in class 10 (17 years old). Before that my Aunt bought a Chinese phone. I used that to play games and stuff.

After playing a lot of games I was bored and thought why not make my own games. But I didn't know how to make my own game. I searched on the internet and I found nothing. Then I thought, ok let's make mobile apps. I searched for how to make mobile games. And I found AppGeyser where you can a template give it a name and your app is done. Was too easy but not what I wanted.

Then I started learning HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Jquery. And I made my first web page. That was the beginning and now I' a Full-stack web developer and a Python developer.


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